Spotify Artist Explorer

Artist Explorer helps you quickly discover related artists in beautiful graphical trees. Start with a seed artist (or genre) and click any artist’s icon to…
July 19, 2020

Oak Felder in the studio

In this in-depth video feature, producer Oak Felder takes us inside his studio — and his Logic X session — to show exactly how Demi…
April 4, 2020

FAW Sublab

The hardest hitting sub-bass every time. A new class of synthesizer designed for hip-hop, future bass and trap genres. Create powerful 808 style sub-bass that…
March 27, 2020


Mixcloud. Get closer to the creators you love! Listen to long form audio content from DJ's all over the world. Tune in to recorded music…
July 6, 2019

KRK Rokit G4

KRK introduces the all-new monitor design with onboard DSP room tuning that leverages over 30 years of speaker design expertise to deliver professional studio sound…
March 16, 2019

Electronic Dance Instrument

The term EDM which stands for Electronic Dance Music is well known to many people. But what is EDI? The electronic digital instrument is a…
July 15, 2014


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April 15, 2013