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There has never been a better time for record labels or musicians to reach the right person with the right music or message. We consult digital media technology and help brands succeed in the digital landscape.

Consultancy service

Great ideas start with solid strategy

Digital transformation

Our consultancy service is around data and audiences with purpose as a result. We use purpose as a starting point when we approach content creation.

Audience based music marketing

Every brand has a story to tell. We help you tell it to bespoke audiences across any connected digital screen.

Data driven advertising

Only by using data and technology can we tell stories that unfold in different marketing moments.

What we know as the norm today is obsolete in 5 years by the fast growing pace of digital technology

Digital Transformation

The growth of digital technology evolved the way we listen and buy music. Technology companies like Apple, Spotify, Google or Netflix to name a few, made it easy for us to entertain our selfs. It does not matter if we are on the move or at home. With our smart phones and the software on it we can take all our digital content anywhere we want.

We can listen, watch and buy content on any given moment with just a few swipes on our mobile phones. We can ask Alexa or Google home to play our favoured playlists while chilling on the couch in the living room. We can watch 360 video on a Facebook VR set while we are killing time on an airport. These are beautiful times to live in and enjoy yourself.


Audience based music marketing

As a big music company or DIY record label, music agency, DJ, producer or any participant within the artist community, you want to be able to tab into these innovative technology solutions. Because the same technology enables you to connect, reach and engage people personalised on a large scale. The same technology enables you to share new music with the same ease. We believe that a solid digital marketing strategy and an audience first approach is needed to win in the music entertainment industry of today.


Data driven advertising

OFAH MUSIC MEDIA is a product of digital transformation. We are part of the music culture that is constantly evolving. Building creative and music studio’s is our response to the technology landscape changing so fast.

We are consultants of digital music marketing. Our approach is audience based and data driven. We help clients understand how they can leverage technology and data to be engaging and resonate in our connected music culture.

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