Content Serving

A purpose

OFAH Music Media makes it easy for record labels and the artist community to improve the quality and relevancy of their digital music marketing at scale.

Content service

We help you tell your story with a purpose and smart content

Content serving a purpose

Our consultancy service is around data and audiences with purpose as a result. We use purpose as a starting point when we approach content creation.

The Art of Storytelling

Every brand has a story to tell. We help you tell it to bespoke audiences across any connected digital screen.

Smart Content

Only by using data and technology can we tell stories that unfold in different marketing moments.

Every musician has a story to tell. What's your story?

Content serving a purpose

Building content/experiences is fun. You get to think about UX scenarios like: what would people do when i make it larger, red and put it on top of everything? Content is communication on that specific moment and context to a certain audience. Content can be listened to, it can be watched or people can engaged with it.

In this hyper connected world the role content plays in a customer journey can be small. The chance to reach an audiences and engage them is not always there. This is exactly the reason why we think the most important rule states “content needs purpose”.


The Art of Storytelling

Beautiful purpose driven content is just the beginning. Now the content has to resonate within music culture. It has to be attractive and interesting at the same time. There are many creative ways to start story telling, we handle with a non-intrusive approach to content. If you create relevant and beautiful content it doesn’t have to scream for attention.


Smart Content

OFAH MUSIC MEDIA is a product of digital transformation. We are part of the music culture that is constantly evolving. Building creative and music studio’s is our response to the technology landscape changing so fast.

We are consultants of digital music marketing. Our approach is audience based and data driven. We help clients understand how they can leverage technology and data to be engaging and resonate in our connected music culture. We have experience in dynamic delivery on various platforms in the eco-system.

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