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With experienced mastering engineers we help you get the sound that fits the future of music production.

Polish your song with professional mastering

Mastering is the musical cherry on top of the cake. We are happy to finish and polish a clear mix that has a competitive sound level. For this reason we only work with best in-class mixing & mastering engineers.

More than enough experience when it comes to tech house, electro house, melodic house, future house, afro house, dubstep, dance, trap, hip hop, r&b, pop songs.

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Master a stereo stereo mix audio file.

  • All our genres
  • Need a mix
  • 1-2 Revisions
  • Stereo master

from €250,-


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Master a stereo instrumental with separate vocals, kicks and base.

  • All our genres
  • Need separate tracks
  • 1-3 Revisions
  • Stereo master

from €500,-


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Mixing plus mastering a mix of separate stems into a competitive release ready song.

  • All our genres
  • Need separate tracks
  • 1-5 Revisions
  • Stereo master
  • Plus alternative

from €1000,-


Eventually you get to this point where you understand what you want to do, and get across, and sound like.

Kendrick LamarRapper and Songwriter

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