Let us write your next rap, house or pop song. We can transform your melodic ideas into an amazing English or Dutch song.

We got amazing songwriters

We start out with the idea or topic, then we choose a genre. We followup by creating the verse, chorus, melody etc. You receive a hi quality stereo mix that you can use for demo purposes. We also have options as ghostwriters for commercial use.

We write lyrics in English and Dutch. We love being creative with song design patterns. We can apply mainstream build-ups or unique song approaches to the vers, chorus, break, bridge, drop, uplift, intro or outro. We got you covered.

Music is about emotions, positive or negative. We always aim for real emotional impact over sound with the right words.

C.D. GodliebRapper and Songwriter


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Professional lyrics for a verse or commercial with a 16 bars maximum.

  • All our genres
  • Ghostwriter
  • 1-2 Revisions
  • 16 Bars
  • Verse

from €250,-


Most Popular


Lyrics for a verse including a chorus with a 32 bars maximum.

  • All our genres
  • Ghostwriter
  • 1-3 Revisions
  • 32 Bars
  • Verse, Chorus

from €500,-


Good Value


Lyrics for a full song including 2 verses, melody, hook, bridge, chorus etc.

  • All our genres
  • Ghostwriter
  • ∞ Revisions
  • ∞ Bars
  • Full song

from €1000,-


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